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5 Ways to Maximise Your Car’s Resale Value

Jun 16

It starts with what your purchase

It might be too late now, but if you can avoid choosing a brand or model that isn’t mainstream, you will have more luck selling it in the future. This is because well-known brands and models are usually bought by more people and therefore will have better reputations for being a reliable purchase.
Paying attention to what models are coming out next can also save your down the track. If you buy a specific model of car that is soon to be superseded by a newer model of that car, it will drive down your resale value as it will now be an outdated model. 

Keep your logbook up to date

Your logbook will specify how often you should service your vehicle as well as what parts will need to be changed and when. Ensuring that you follow the logbook’s guidelines and record them correctly you will ensure that you maximise your resale value.

Tip: You do not need to take your car to a dealership to ensure the logbook is maintained properly, 

Keep it clean

Constantly leaving your car outside in the elements, avoiding cleaning its inside and outside for months on end, smoking inside the car and neglecting to buy floor mats will all be detrimental to your resale value. 

An accumulation of neglect will show after some time and even though it might not directly impede on the internal performance and condition of the car, it could very likely instill doubt in potential buyer that you have maintained your car properly. This could be reason enough for them to ask you to decrease your selling price. 

Sell while still under warranty

Selling your vehicle while it is still under factory warranty is a sure fire way to instill confidence in a potential buyer that your car is in great condition. It also means that they will likely save money on scheduled maintenance at the dealership as many are required to do so if the car is still under warranty.

If you are nearing the end of your warranty, consider purchasing an extended warranty as this can provide increased comfort to your buyers. 

Consider fixing minor dents and scratches 

If you are considering selling your vehicle and it has minor dents or scratches, take it to the mechanic and enquire about how much it will cost to repair. If the cost to fix the scuffs and bumps will likely not be meaningfully compensated when you attempt to sell the car then it would be wise to just leave it and take your chances.