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Jun 16

Why You Should NEVER Buy Cheap Tyres

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘no pain, no gain’, and this couldn’t be more applicable when buying tyres. For some, deciding to buy the cheapest option for most things in their life is their default. That’s perfectly ok if you’re on a budget, trying to save or are just naturally savvy, but when it comes to buying tyres, a hit to your bank account now could mean saving a lot of money down the track. This is because cheap tyres are usually have far less quality than expensive ones.

If you are looking for an excuse to spend a little extra cash on some new wheels, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why cheap tyres are a bad option. 


If you are attempting to sell your car with cheap tyres attached, a potential buyer with a keen eye will likely ask you to lower your price. Those who recognise cheap tyres will know they are of lesser quality and may want to buy better ones instead. Therefore, they will likely lower their offering price meaning the saving you attempted to make buy buying cheap tyres have resulted in a loss down the track.


The high price of some tyres are so high because of the amount of rigorous research that has been put into designing them to be as safe as possible. When a lot of effort has gone into making the product as quality as possible, the price will naturally go up. Thus, if you are buying an expensive tyre, it usually means that it is far safer than a tyre that is cheap.


If you buy tyres from a source that is nefarious or unreliable and get into an accident as a result of the tyres malfunction, you could be held liable for it. Insurance companies are traditionally knit picky when paying out an insurance claim. So if you’ve gotten into an accident and your cheap tyres could have potentially played a role in causing the accident, you may struggle to file a successful claim – even if you were driving safe as responsively.


When you buy expensive tyres and rotate them periodically, they will last quite a while. However, cheap tyres will begin to show significant wear and tear much quicker, meaning you will need to buy a new set quicker than if you had just bought expensive tyres. Less durability also means, as previously mentioned, that the tyres will be less safe as they will be more prone to splitting, bursting and cracking.


If you are driving with cheap tyres, it’s likely that your car will need to work harder in order to drive at an optimum performance. Over time, this can significantly reduce your car’s quality.

Jun 16

5 Ways to Maximise Your Car’s Resale Value

It starts with what your purchase

It might be too late now, but if you can avoid choosing a brand or model that isn’t mainstream, you will have more luck selling it in the future. This is because well-known brands and models are usually bought by more people and therefore will have better reputations for being a reliable purchase.
Paying attention to what models are coming out next can also save your down the track. If you buy a specific model of car that is soon to be superseded by a newer model of that car, it will drive down your resale value as it will now be an outdated model. 

Keep your logbook up to date

Your logbook will specify how often you should service your vehicle as well as what parts will need to be changed and when. Ensuring that you follow the logbook’s guidelines and record them correctly you will ensure that you maximise your resale value.

Tip: You do not need to take your car to a dealership to ensure the logbook is maintained properly, 

Keep it clean

Constantly leaving your car outside in the elements, avoiding cleaning its inside and outside for months on end, smoking inside the car and neglecting to buy floor mats will all be detrimental to your resale value. 

An accumulation of neglect will show after some time and even though it might not directly impede on the internal performance and condition of the car, it could very likely instill doubt in potential buyer that you have maintained your car properly. This could be reason enough for them to ask you to decrease your selling price. 

Sell while still under warranty

Selling your vehicle while it is still under factory warranty is a sure fire way to instill confidence in a potential buyer that your car is in great condition. It also means that they will likely save money on scheduled maintenance at the dealership as many are required to do so if the car is still under warranty.

If you are nearing the end of your warranty, consider purchasing an extended warranty as this can provide increased comfort to your buyers. 

Consider fixing minor dents and scratches 

If you are considering selling your vehicle and it has minor dents or scratches, take it to the mechanic and enquire about how much it will cost to repair. If the cost to fix the scuffs and bumps will likely not be meaningfully compensated when you attempt to sell the car then it would be wise to just leave it and take your chances.

Jun 16

Top 5 Used Car Dealerships In Perth

Buying a second hand/used car can be a risky move. Most people have either experienced or known someone who has bought a used car and has ended up being stuck with an expensive headache.

To avoid all the fuss, look to our list of the top 5 used car dealerships in Perth, all have a strong reputation for keeping their customers happy – just like us!

1. Easyauto123 – Canning Vale (4.6/ 5⭐)

The team at easyauto123 has a reputation for incredibly professional salespeople. Most customers leave having experienced exceptionally friendly service and helpful advice. Easyauto 123 prides itself on maintaining a culture of gender parity, ensuring to treat everyone from all walks of life with the same respect. Many customers recall low pressure sales tactics and fair trade in prices, a rare find in the used car industry. See what a few happy customers had to say below; “All staff at the Canning Vale operation that we had dealings with were great, friendly and it was a pleasure to have had that kind of experience” – Stewart (5/5⭐)

“I found this so easy and stress free. Very friendly and informative staff when dealing with finance and also trading a vehicle with a realistic trade in price” – Ian (5/5⭐)“I have just picked up my car & have had the most amazing service from start to finish. No pressure & relaxed. Another bonus was that Adrian managed to get me a better interest rate on my car loan than anywhere else had been able too. Saved me hundreds of dollars right there!” – Belinda (5/5⭐)

2. Youngs WA Used Cars & Service – Victoria Park (4.2/ 5⭐)

 Youngs has built a strong reputation for quality service at a good value. This is because their sales team is known to be very friendly, professional and helpful to anyone who walks onto their lot. Most customers say that if they were to have their time over, they would happily go with Youngs again due to their overwhelmingly positive experience. When buying a used car, you want your salesperson to be exceptionally knowledgeable to ensure that you get exactly what you want – something Youngs pride themselves on. See what a few happy customers had to say below; 

“Wow. What an enjoyable experience. Friendly and professional crew on board. Thx Jordan” – Jen (5/5⭐) 

“All the staff at Youngs made purchasing our car an enjoyable experience from the minute we arrived. The sales staff were attentive but not pushy, and made us feel comfortable just browsing and asking questions. Thank you Youngs! – Desiree (5/5⭐) 

“My Husband & I had a great experience buying our car, Staff was extremely helpful, The whole process went smoothly, we are over the moon with our car, Thanks for the great service Youngs WA. Regards the Austin’s” – The Austin’s (5/5⭐)

3. Webb Auto Sales – Welshpool (4.7/ 5⭐)

Most dealerships have a reputation of being a hassle to deal with, putting many people off even trying to buy a used car – but not Webb’s. What makes Webb Auto Sales stand out among the used car dealerships in Perth is that many customers find their experience to be an exceptionally easy going process. Their friendly sales team is known for their straightforward approach, professional service, and respectful attitude. Furthermore, Webb also prides themselves on maintaining exceptional levels of trust from their customers. See what a few happy customers had to say below;

“Very smooth process purchasing a SUV from Webb Auto Sales on August 15, 2019. Dealt with sales consultant Ben Cover who i found helpful, friendly and great to deal with. All the staff are friendly and helpful without being pushy. From what i saw, vehicles are very competitively priced.I recommend this business” – Peter (5/5⭐) 

“I recently purchased a vehicle from this company. Steve provided outstanding & professional service-right from the first phone call enquires through to sealing the deal. So refreshing to deal with genuine people. I Highly recommend this company if you are looking for quality cars & friendly service that you can trust” – Amber (5/5⭐) 

“Great Experience buying from the guys at Webb Auto Sales. Dean was straight-forward, informative, and happy to stay way past knock-off to help us out. Highly recommend! – Ryan (5/5⭐)

webb auto

4. Westside Auto Wholesale – Bentley (4.2/ 5⭐)

Being the most reviewed used car dealership in Perth, with a whopping 1037 reviews, Westside Auto are doing something incredibly right to be rated so highly by their many happy customers. This is due to the fact that Westside Auto have built a strong reputation on brilliant service and an exceptional array of choices as many customers who visit Westside Auto note leaving with the exact car they wanted to. Their crew are known for their respectful demeanor and fair price negotiations. You can be sure that you will leave with a reliable car if you choose to go with these folks. See what a few happy customers had to say below;

“Brilliant service…. Sonny the sales guy has been the difference, he’s made the whole experience so easy…. he was so easy to talk to about the car I had decided I wanted to purchase.
He negotiated a great trade in for me on my jeep, he was always in touch with me, making sure I was happy with the procedure” – Howard (5/5⭐) 

“The choice of late model vehicles at this dealership is incredible. It’s so big they’ll take you around in a golf cart! The friendly sales and finance team made it easy to get the car I was looking for with little fuss. Thank you Wes and Justin” – Kim (5/5⭐) 

“It’s the 2nd car I’ve bought through the team at Westside. They’re just doing it the right way from start to finish. The crew greeted my partner with respect which 95% of sales guys haven’t worked out to do yet” – Harley (5/5⭐)

westwide auto

5. KS Motor Company – Myaree (4.7/ 5 ⭐)

When it comes to selling your used car it can be quite a hassle, especially when you work most days and have little free time – that’s where KS Motor’s come in. This is because they have a long reputation of being the go to business to sell your used car due to their fair pricing and diligent service. What is also special about the folks at KS is their prestige for respectful and honest treatment of all their customers. See what a few happy customers had to say below;

“KS Motor Company sold my car on consignment in just 6 weeks! Excellent service and very honest which is rare in the motor industry. Demetri obtained a very good price for the vehicle also. The whole process was very easy for me as he took care of everything from start to finish. I would highly recommend KS Motor Company. Kind Regards, Deborah” – Debbie (5/5⭐)

“It’s the 2nd car I’ve bought through the team at Westside. They’re just doing it the right way from start to finish. The crew greeted my partner with respect which 95% of sales guys haven’t worked out to do yet” – Harley (5/5⭐)

“Such a great experience having my car sold for me by KS Motor Company. For time poor people like myself they made selling my car care free. The guys are honest and professional with great customer service. I would not hesitate in getting the guys to sell any of my other cars in the future. Many thanks” – Shane (5/5⭐)

ks motor company

We hope that helped!

Hopefully with this detailed list you will be one step closer to getting your very own used car. Being in this industry ourselves, we see countless cars come through our doors that have been purchased from dodgy salespeople, that is why we always stress to go where the reputation is. Always pay close attention to reviews and customer experiences because this will be the best way for you to not end up needing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on repairing you newly purchased used car. Happy shopping!

*All ratings have been informed by Google.

Apr 20

How Wembley Autocare is Taking Care of you During COVID-19

At Wembley Autocare we have always been committed to keeping you safe on the road.

For the past several weeks that has meant taking extra precautions to keep you healthy too.


Sanitising everything

Every team member has their own supply of sanitiser and disinfectant. We sanitise your car before we start work on it and when we finish. We also sanitise your keys when you first give them to us and before we hand them back to you. We wipe and clean everything we touch so there is no risk to you.

We are also sanitising our office door handles, our desktop counters, our EFTPOS machine, and many other surfaces.

We have strict checklists in place for all staff to use to ensure we maintain the strictest hygiene.

Social Distancing

We are adhering to social distancing guidelines and ensure that only one customer at a time enters the office.

Less Work Each Day

We are taking less work each day to allow more time for our technicians and office team to sanitise and clean so please be patient when making an appointment. And please also let us know if you have not been feeling well.We really love all of our customers and we are doing more than is required of us from the Health Department because we want to keep everyone healthy and safe.

From all of us at Wembley Autocare, stay safe and healthy during these times. And if we can help in any way with your car, please let us know. We’re still open and ready to look after you.

Mar 16

5 Common Causes of Breakdowns

Flat or Faulty Battery

A flat or faulty battery is the most common cause of a breakdown. The main symptom of a flat or faulty battery is there being silence when you attempt to start the car, or the starter motor sounding like it’s grinding to a halt. These symptoms are usually caused by a lack of sufficient current from your battery to turn the engine over.

Signs you need to get your battery checked: Your engine will start to take longer to turn over than usual. The ‘check battery’ warning light will also be on, or it will take longer than usual to go off once you’ve started your car.

Faulty Alternator

The alternator is powered by your engine’s energy which in turn charges your battery. If your battery is going flat it could be because your alternator is faulty. 

Signs you need to get your alternator checked: Your battery warning light will be flickering, your headlamps and dashboard lights will be dimmed, and your windscreen wipers will be slower than usual.

Faulty Starter Motor

If your engine is failing to start it might be because your starter motor is faulty.


A common cause of tyre related issues is due to under-inflation which causes tyres to overheat. 

Signs you need to get your Tyres checked: If one or more of your tyres regularly needs to be reinflated it might have a slight puncture or a faulty valve.


As cars get more complex, electrical problems are becoming more common. 

Signs you need to get your battery checked: Parts on your car that require an electrical current to work normally will begin behaving abnormally.

Mar 16

Car Warning Lights

Warning lights work as a part of the onboard diagnostics systems (OBD) integrated into the car’s computer. The main purpose of the OBD is to alert the driver of any malfunctions or safety precautions the vehicle needs attention too.

Qualified Service Technicians also use the OBD to accurately diagnose faults or damages in a vehicle. When a fault has occurred the OBD will produce a code. This code is interpreted by a Service Technician and then the correct steps and procedures are followed to repair the faulty part(s).

Your Car Warning Lights

Ever wondered what they mean? The best way to find out exactly what your warning lights mean is to refer to your car’s owner manual. Each car make and model is different – thus the meaning of each warning light may slightly differ from vehicle to vehicle. In your owners manual, you’ll find information that is specific to your own car.

This article serves as general idea of what the light may indicate and what you should do if you were to encounter an illuminated warning light.

Warning Lights: Flash Vs Static

When light appears static on your dashboard it typically means that your car is experiencing a problem, but it is not an emergency. On the other hand, a flashing warning light indicates a severe problem. If you see a flashing warning light you should pull your car over to a safe area and turn off the engine as soon as you can.

Warning Lights: Colours

The colours on the car warning lights are typically used to symbolise the severity of the problem.

Red: Typically a red warning indicates a problem that needs to be attended to immediately. Continuing to drive when this warning light increases the risk of further damage to your car.

Yellow/Orange: A yellow or orange warning light indicates a problem that needs to be repaired or serviced soon.

Green/Blue: A green or blue light typically indicates that a system is in use.

What To Do When You See These Lights

Car Warning Lights

Note: Maintain Battery

Your car battery is vital to ensure the proper functioning of the OBD. Make sure your battery is routinely checked and maintained to the best performing condition each year.

Mar 09

The 5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic to Ensure They Aren’t Ripping You Off.

If you attempt to ask your mechanic questions about their practices or ability and they take offence or seem frustrated by this, then you should go to another mechanic. Our job is to ensure that you are happy with your car and you get what you paid for, so it is perfectly okay for our customers to make sure that we are doing so.

To make sure that your mechanic is doing the best job they can possibly do, here are 5 questions to ask – it might feel a bit awkward to do so but your car and your bank account will thank you later!

“Will a fully qualified mechanic be working on my car?”

If you are going to be putting your car in someone else’s hands then you want to make sure they know what they are doing! If the answer is anything less than, “Yes”, you should walk away as their lack of knowledge could mean you end up wasting your time and money.

Many workshops, like us, have mechanics undertaking work experience so they can become a fully qualified mechanic. If you see that your workshop is using these it is okay as long as it is insisted that they are coached and supervised the entire time by a fully qualified mechanic.

“Will you be using the grade of oil that my manufacturer has recommended?”

Using the correct grade of oil for your car is paramount if you want to minimise the risk of it developing internal issues and maximise its lifespan.

If the mechanic you’re speaking with can’t or won’t be using the correct grade of oil then you should take your car elsewhere!

“Will you consult me before undertaking any work that I currently don’t know you will be doing?”

We have heard countless stories from disgruntled customers who has visited other mechanics and have been billed far more than they were expecting. 

It isn’t okay for any mechanic to surprise a customer like this, you deserve to know exactly what work is being done to your car and why. That’s why we always will give the customer a quick call to let them know of the issue we have found, tell them what we can do about it, provide a cost estimate, and ask if it is okay to go ahead.

If any mechanic insists on doing anything less than this, you should visit another mechanic.

(If you are getting repairs done) “Will you be using manufacturer recommended parts?”

Many mechanics try to save money by using parts that are made by 3rd party manufacturers. This can be risky because they could be lower quality and thus less reliable, meaning you will have to get them replaced soon in the future. 

To make sure your mechanic is using the parts that are exactly right for your car then you must ask this question to ensure your car is in good hands.

Fun Fact: We always use manufacturer recommended parts!

“How often should I service my car?”

A little known fact is that 50% of cars in Australia that were produced after the year 2000 only require 1 service a year – if done correctly!

Most of the other cars on the road require one service every 6 months, that is why this question is so important to ask because it could mean you might save hundreds on servicing your car.

Inside your logbook, the manufacturer would have included the amount of time, and kilometers driven, before your require another service. If the mechanic you’re speaking with says anything that directly contradicts what it says in your logbook, they are likely trying to take your for a ride!

Jan 27

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing New Tyres

1. Thinking all tyres are the same

No one tyre will not be suitable for all types of vehicles. That’s why it’s important to know exactly which type of tyre will suit your car and your budget best.

2. Buying cheap tyres

On the whole, cheap tyres are more likely to get you into an accident that good tyres could have avoided. This is because they increase your stopping distance and are more likely to blowout due to their poorer quality.

3. Buying ‘performance tyres’ without knowing their Pros & Cons


  • Grip is improved
  • Handling is improved
  • Increased braking distance 
  • Increased safety and technology 
  • Quieter and more comfortable


  • Fuel economy is decreased
  • The tyres will not last as long as ‘normal tyres’
  • Far more expensive (especially name brand ones) 

4. Buying the wrong tyres for your driving conditions or activity

When choosing the right tyres, you have to be mindful of what conditions you will mainly be driving in as this will determine the type of tyre you need to purchase. 

Racing/ Performance: If you are needing to use your car for an activity like racing you will need performance tyres, these will increase your vehicle’s handling and grip. 

Wet Weather: Driving in wet conditions means your tyres will take longer to heat up, this means it decreases the amount of grip your tyres have. Wet weather tyres makes it easier for the tyres to heat up due to their design which whisks water away more effectively 

Snow/ Mud/ Ice: Tyres that are optimal for conditions such as snow, mud or ice typically have larger block patterns which increase their ability to grip. Some will even have metal studs – especially those specifically made for driving over ice. The downside to these tyres is that they are incredibly noisy.

All Season:  If you’re planning to drive on multiple different conditions, or simply use your car to commute to and from work in a suburban setting, then these tyres are right for you. 

All Terrain: If you’re driving an SUV or a light truck then these tyres are suited for you. Their tread patterns are bigger and the tyres are medium hardness, making them suitable for activities such as off-roading. 

5. Buying tyres with the wrong specifications for your type/ model of car

If you would like to know exactly what size and type of tyres you need when purchasing a new set, look to your owners manual or tyre placard. The tyre placard can often be found in the glove box, on the inside of the drivers door, on the inside of your fuel cap, or under the bonnet of your car.

Dec 12

Wheel Alignment

Improper wheel alignment can cause your car to run less efficiently and will lead to faster wear and tear on your tyres. Thus it’s important to have your wheel alignments checked.

It’s recommended that a mechanic should check your alignment as a part of your annual car service or tyre change. Wheel alignment shouldn’t change unless steering parts become worn or damaged or your car has been involved in a collision. 

Although wheel alignments do not need to be performed that often they should be checked immediately after your car or wheels have been through a high impact collision (e.g hitting a pot-hole in high speeds or using off-road tracks for long distances).

Wheel alignments should only be performed by a Qualified Service Technician who have access to state-of-the-art realignment tools and know your vehicle’s specifications. A Qualified Service Technician will ensure the tyres to be aligned accurately to the exact specifications required for your car. 

How To Tell If Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment 

It’s easy for yourself to see whether your wheels need to be realigned or not. Here are some tell tale signs of Unaligned Wheels. 

  • Car pulls to one side or the other when driving
  • Car shakes or shudder while driving at high speed
  • Uneven wear and tear on your tyre

 3 Types of Wheel Alignments

Toe In and Toe Out

Wheel Alignment, Toe in, Toe out

Camber Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment, Camber

Caster Wheel Alignment

Tyre Alignment Caster

Dec 02

What To Do When You Put The Wrong Fuel In Your Car?


So you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car. What now?

One of the most dangerous things you can do for your car’s health is to put the wrong fuel through it. If you’ve done it, don’t panic just yet, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you don’t cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

Step 1:

DO NOT TURN ON YOUR ENGINE OR DRIVE THE CAR! If you have, stop right now!

Step 2:

Push your car to a safe place where you can make a call.

Step 3:

If you have breakdown coverage, call them immediately. If not call any roadside assistance.

Step 4: 

Your car will then be taken to a professional to get drained and refueled.

Step 5:

Calm down, this isn’t the end of the world, it happens to the best of us! Call Wembley Autocare on (08) 9387 3888  and we will do the best we can! 

Do you have a Petrol or Diesel car? This could make all the difference!

There are two possible mistakes you could have made. Either you put Diesel in your Petrol car, or Petrol in your Diesel car. Worst case scenario is putting Petrol in your Diesel car, as this causes serious damage to the fuel lines and fuel pump while putting Diesel in a Petrol car is relatively harmless as the car will likely not even start