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How Wembley Autocare is Taking Care of you During COVID-19

Apr 20

At Wembley Autocare we have always been committed to keeping you safe on the road.

For the past several weeks that has meant taking extra precautions to keep you healthy too.


Sanitising everything

Every team member has their own supply of sanitiser and disinfectant. We sanitise your car before we start work on it and when we finish. We also sanitise your keys when you first give them to us and before we hand them back to you. We wipe and clean everything we touch so there is no risk to you.

We are also sanitising our office door handles, our desktop counters, our EFTPOS machine, and many other surfaces.

We have strict checklists in place for all staff to use to ensure we maintain the strictest hygiene.

Social Distancing

We are adhering to social distancing guidelines and ensure that only one customer at a time enters the office.

Less Work Each Day

We are taking less work each day to allow more time for our technicians and office team to sanitise and clean so please be patient when making an appointment. And please also let us know if you have not been feeling well.We really love all of our customers and we are doing more than is required of us from the Health Department because we want to keep everyone healthy and safe.

From all of us at Wembley Autocare, stay safe and healthy during these times. And if we can help in any way with your car, please let us know. We’re still open and ready to look after you.