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Feb 05

City Beach as the name suggest is a beach side suburb in Perth, Western Australia. City Beach is the name of a specific beach in the suburb of the same name in Perth. The homes in City Beach are built expensive, modern and contemporary.

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The beach is divided into three sections – a northern section (bordering Scarborough), a central section (bordering Wembley Downs and Floreat) and a southern section (bordering Bold Park).

It was in 1917 that the Perth City Council decided to purchase the Lime Kilns Estate of size 1290 acres and link the City with the ocean beach. Their plan was to lay out an area next to the beach that would be up-to-date and on the lines of garden city beach using approved Town Planning principles.

In the year 1928 the Council allocated money to begin the development work and also named it “City beach”. This name seemed more appropriate since the City Council was in charge of developing it and they also found it more pleasing than ocean beach which was more descriptive.

School and College

The Department of Education and training chose to officially close the City Beach Senior High School since there was a lack of enrollment following the opening of Shenton College 5 kilometres away in 2000. This was in the year December 2005. Later a few more educational facilities came up such as the ones below –

  1. International School of Western Australia
  2. The Japanese School in Perth
  3. City Beach Residential College, a student boarding facility

Price of Homes

The homes built around the suburb are pricey and range from 1,000,000 dollars to 3, 000,000 dollars.


Some of the activities take place within the suburb of City Beach. People can engage in football, cricket, and such other games. There are two beaches and one dog beach.

Both the beaches have their own surfing and lifesaving clubs and other associated activities. People surf recreationally and also competitively. From beginners to intermediate all types of surfers take part. There is a break time during the summers when surfing proves dangerous.

Other sports are kite surfing and windsurfing. The sand color and quality is ideal for beach volleyball and matkot.


The expansive sand dunes and bush lands are home to hawks, mice and rabbits. One may also notice a Dugite (a snake) occasionally.

Where to Go

There are sports one can take up in the beach but there are other activities like taking a helicopter ride over the seaside for an aerial tour of Perth. The ride will last for 8 minutes and take you along the coast. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city’s landmarks while listening to live commentary from the pilot.

While the ride itself might be thrilling, the views you experience will be memorable and for keeps. Book in advance to reserve your date and time.

City Beach isn’t home to too many people but those living there have made it their home and also see visitors from in and around Perth.

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