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Apr 02

Daglish is suburb in Perth, Western Australia. The suburb is located near several bodies of water. In fact, Daglish is centered on the Cliff Sadlier Reserve.

It’s named after Henry Daglish who was once the mayor of Subiaco. He also represented Subiaco in the state parliament. In 1904 and 1905, he was given the title of Premier of Western Australia – a hefty honor.

Daglish is a historic yet modern suburb, with something to offer for prospective visitors and residents of all ages.

Being small one may not find too many attractions yet there are some attractions that the residents participate in.

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Living in Daglish

If you are thinking about moving to Daglish, there are some important things you should know ahead of time. Daglish is known for being clean and green. There are plenty of places to eat, exercise, and access the internet. There are also known medical facilities for care and treatment.

The majority of residents in Daglish are professionals, retirees, and families with children – although singles also live in the area. The suburb is rated 9.1 out of 10 when it comes to residency, making it a fair place to start a family or join a community.

You can also take advantage of Perth-wide events, including an international arts festival, a Japan festival, and a French film festival. There are some unique beer taps to sample, and plenty of great eateries – including a handful of popular pizza parlours.

Other popular attractions near Daglish include the Scitech Discovery Centre, Harold Boas Gardens, the Nicholson Road Reserve, Patersons Stadium, and the Regal Theatre.

Places to stay in Daglish

Daglish has a population of 1,242 – according to the 2006 census. The community is strong and centered. There aren’t many available houses at any given time, meaning prospective residents may need to wait their turn. However, once men and women join the Daglish community, they rarely want to leave.

This census represents year-round residents. However, you can choose to stay in Daglish (and other areas in Perth) on a seasonal or holiday basis. There are homes and apartments available for rent. Some of these homes offer outdoor pools, landscaping, and an ideal location.

There are also rooms available for rent on a regular basis, if you want to stay in the region but aren’t prepared to purchase a home.

Here are a couple of options if you want to stay in Daglish:

  • Park View Apartments 2 perfectly located by KEMH – the price starts from $120.
  • Parkside Suites by KEMH 2 – the price starts from $110.

Things to Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Perth – although you’ll be able to enjoy them far more as a resident than as a visitor. These events are spread throughout the year, including monthly family fun activities and auditions at a local theatre company known as The Gap.

Watching the sun set over Daglish is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If nothing else, you can come to the suburb, lay out a towel, and watch the sun go down. You can also enjoy the nearby Subiaco Arts Centre, Playlovers Theatre, and Shenton Park Community Centre.

Places to go   

Those interested in art may find a few interesting places to explore.

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia – the gallery opened in 1979. One can find West Australian, Australian and International works of art. The collection ranges over 17,000 and showcases important cultural creations of both traditional and modern days. It is generally free except during days of special exhibitions.
  • Form gallery – Visit this gallery to see exhibits that are different. The gallery is located in 357 Murray St Perth WA 6000. They have a website you can visit for more details. It is free.
  • Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts – Those with an artistic bent of mind can visit the place. It is open to general public. A local guide will offer details of events and activities slated to happen there.
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden – it is located just outside the Perth CBD. Spanning over 4.06 square kilometer it is the world’s largest inner city parks. It is also a botanical garden and one can find many species of plants and trees. There are some memorials and an Art gallery too. The DNA tower and the popular Jacob’s Ladder stairs are must-see attractions. Climb up the 15 ft tall and view Perth from the top. Interested in walking? Take a walk in the Law Walk bushland trail, the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk and participate in volunteer-led guided walks.

The park is a nice space to spend the weekend. Once in a while there are events and activities that will entertain.

Places to eat:

  • Weat Kebab – A Hay Street Food Hall that has a kebab counter. Lamb, chicken with salad and sauce might be the right thing if you are looking for some quick snacks. If you are hungry a quick meal for $10.90 might be your thing.
  • The French food lovers may queue up in front of Petite Mort. Try the degustation menu. There’s Death by Chocolate to sweep you off your feet.
  • The Little Pantry – Need some Belgian waffles? You will find buttermilk pancakes and truffled eggs. Order some coffee and seat outside soaking in the sun.


The location of Daglish makes it a primary spot for public transportation, including a railway station, buses, and the CircleRoute (a pair of bus routes with circular stops throughout Perth suburbs). Families and professionals find this transportation highly convenient for work, school, and play.