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May 04

Six kilometers away from the central business district of Perth is where you’ll find Glendalough just along Mitchell Freeway. Glendalough was named after a glacial valley of the same name in Ireland. Visiting the suburb, there are a lot of attractions that are waiting for you to explore. All that it takes is for you to make a list of the places you want to visit first and make the most out of your stay in the area.

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What it’s Like to Stay or Live in Glendalough

Planning to move to Glendalough is not something you should worry about since getting a great place just around the area will make living in the suburb as convenient as you want it to. Picking a place to stay in the suburb, establishments are a few minutes-drive from one place to another. Transportation is not much of a problem, unless the train system encounter problems, which is less likely to happen daily.

If you like going for a quick break to somewhere you can relax, you can get a bus to a beach or drive for 10 minutes to get there especially when there is no traffic. Choosing the right area, there is a great chance you’ll get a great street parking if you want to move here and you’ll bring your car. However, living right at the city, taking public transportation is not much of a hassle.

Finding a school for your kids is not a problem as you can check Lake Monger primary or Montessori School perhaps. Churchlands is known to be the nearest high school in the suburb. Also, you’ll have no problems with health emergencies as there are hospitals nearby like King Edward Hospital, which will only take you a five-minute drive. There are also great parks around like Herdsman Lake Park and Lake Monger.

Though there are a lot of pros when you move in Glendalough, many who are new in the suburb feel like the place is a bit noisy. However, you’ll get used to it in the long run. Besides, you are located minutes away from shopping needs, recreational areas, and others.

Things to Do

Glendalough is pretty much an industrial suburb. Yes, it’s noisy but it is almost one-ride away from nearby suburbs like Mt Hawthorn and Wembley and of course, just a 5-minute drive when accessing the city. You can simply walk around the suburb and explore new areas as you go.

Places to Eat

Just like any suburbs, Glendalough has its fair share of restaurants that can offer various dishes. Some of the places you can visit are:

  • Glendalough Gourmet that is located in Glendalough Shopping Centre
  • Bakers Delight on Harborne St
  • Empire Pizzeria found in Glendalough Village Shopping Centre

Going around the suburb, you’ll get to know more places where you can eat and try new stuff. When you visit a restaurant, there are always nearby attractions you can visit like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Western Australian Museum, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and a lot more.

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