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Feb 18

Leederville is a part of Vincent in Perth which resides under the Western Australia. Being just six kilometers away from the central business district of Leederville, it has managed to offer good transportation. Some lovely Federation Houses can be found here. Due to these houses of the location, it has managed to achieve a trendy status. Name of the suburb has been taken from William Henry Leeder who has known in the history as the guarantee of adjacent area.

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Schools and Churches

Aranmore Catholic College is placed in the location. In addition, you may also find Schools of Isolated and Distance Education, Trinity Theological College, North Metropolitan TAFE and St. Mary’s Church.


In Leederville, the wind blows from the eastern side of the suburb at the speed of 14km/h. Temperature of the location is about 29°C. Humidity level stays under 37%.


According to the statistics, 2741 people stay here. The count has been taken on the year 2006.


One of the prominent buildings of the location can be found with the Town Centre at Leederville. The location has been utilized as a Flight Centre and Chocolateria San Churro. The building has been constructed in the year 1904. Post office at Leederville can be found at the corner of Vincent and Oxford Street. It has continued work till the year 1999. Present post office can be found behind this building.

Lakes and Beaches

Leederville is very close to the Kings Parks along with the main city. Therefore, site of best beaches can be obtained from here. It is possible to visit City Beach, Scarborough and Floreat. These beaches are about 8 kms away on the western side of the suburb.

Beautiful Lake Monger can be found at the centre of Leederville. Through a green surrounding, thirst for nature can be fulfilled. The location is often utilized as a picnic spot. On a Sunday, you may visit the place for a lazy stroll.  By lying on the grass, calmness of the location can be enjoyed. It may give you much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bird watching is certainly of the attractions of the location. However, you may see flock of birds in certain time of the year only. Several types of birds such as duck with pink ear, black swan and blue-billed duck can be observed from this location.

Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in Leederville. In addition to a visit to the Lake Monger, there is a J.B O’Reilly’s for amazing bacon liver dishes. Gastronomical experience can be ensured in the process. Cooking classes is often provided by Urban Provider. Some wonderful drinks and food can be enjoyed at the same time. Food Safari is often offered through a Rickshaw which can be a unique experience. On each location, visitors are welcomed pretty warmly.


San Churro Leederville has been considered as a landmark here due to its heart filled with the chocolate. The chocolateria must be visited. In addition, you can go to “Go Go Retro“to experience the retro world profusely.


Best places for shopping can be found with Leederville Camera and Raffinato Bridal.

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