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May 03

Subiaco, Perth is an inner suburb located in the west of the region of Perth in Western Australia. It is locally known by the fond name of Subi and is contained in the government area of the City of Subiaco. The city covers 7 km2 and was initially a municipality before being upgraded to a city in March of 1952. It has 4 wards and 5 suburbs. Subiaco is therefore a suburb of Subiaco City.

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Like most other areas of Australia, Subiaco was initially occupied by Australian aborigines; the Noongar people in particular. In 1851 the area was then settled by Benedictine monks from Italy, who named the place after its namesake back in Italy. Subiaco of Italy is the original birthplace of the Benedictine order.


These include the Domain Stadium, also known as the Subiaco Oval, the Regal Theater and Mueller Park. The Victorian terraces on Catherine Street and the Subiaco Hotel are also famous alongside the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Rokeby Road is the main street of the area. The street was named after Baron Rokeby (6th), Henry Montagu. Henry Montagu was a general and a commander of an infantry division in the Crimean War. Of importance as well is Hay Street.

There is a memorial in SUbiaco located at the intersection of the Rokeby and Hammersley roads. It is in the form of a clock tower and was built in 1923 in memory of World War 1 martyrs from the area.


There are a variety of residential areas in Subiaco, such as the older properties in Shenton Park. There is also a modern housing complex at the railway station.

Medical facilities include the children’s hospital, Princess Margaret, the King Edward Memorial, a hospital for women, and St. John of God.

Subiaco is home to the most selective school in Western Australi, the Perth Modern School as well as the local primary school.



Blackbox Brewers: Located on Hay Street, they make some very good coffee.

Baguette Me Not: Serves great Banh Mi throughout the week as well as pulled pork and Birdy Nom Nom.

Phoever: Great place for Vietnamese cuisine where you can have a great family dinner.


Six Senses: A fantastic Thai restaurant ranked among the best in greater Perth. You’ll love their selction of curries and the house coconut rice.

Lady of Ro: This restaurant specializes in the Greek cuisine and is quite exceptional. You’ll love their octopus and grilled Haloumi!


Juanitas: Juanitas is housed in an old converted home and is considered one of the best small bars in Perth. They serve a great array of beers and have wonderful house wine. You’ll feel at home in this fantastic joint.


Ricarda: This shop stocks jewellery, hand creams, and apparel, among others. It’s a bit of a high-end fashion store, so don’t go there unless you’re willing to splurge.

Frame: Frame is a boutique for women’s fashion and stocks local Australian brands like Sunday Somewhere, Zed Alliance and Chalice. Whatever you’re dressing for, they’ve got you sorted.

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