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The 5 Questions to Ask Your Mechanic to Ensure They Aren’t Ripping You Off.

Mar 09

If you attempt to ask your mechanic questions about their practices or ability and they take offence or seem frustrated by this, then you should go to another mechanic. Our job is to ensure that you are happy with your car and you get what you paid for, so it is perfectly okay for our customers to make sure that we are doing so.

To make sure that your mechanic is doing the best job they can possibly do, here are 5 questions to ask – it might feel a bit awkward to do so but your car and your bank account will thank you later!

“Will a fully qualified mechanic be working on my car?”

If you are going to be putting your car in someone else’s hands then you want to make sure they know what they are doing! If the answer is anything less than, “Yes”, you should walk away as their lack of knowledge could mean you end up wasting your time and money.

Many workshops, like us, have mechanics undertaking work experience so they can become a fully qualified mechanic. If you see that your workshop is using these it is okay as long as it is insisted that they are coached and supervised the entire time by a fully qualified mechanic.

“Will you be using the grade of oil that my manufacturer has recommended?”

Using the correct grade of oil for your car is paramount if you want to minimise the risk of it developing internal issues and maximise its lifespan.

If the mechanic you’re speaking with can’t or won’t be using the correct grade of oil then you should take your car elsewhere!

“Will you consult me before undertaking any work that I currently don’t know you will be doing?”

We have heard countless stories from disgruntled customers who has visited other mechanics and have been billed far more than they were expecting. 

It isn’t okay for any mechanic to surprise a customer like this, you deserve to know exactly what work is being done to your car and why. That’s why we always will give the customer a quick call to let them know of the issue we have found, tell them what we can do about it, provide a cost estimate, and ask if it is okay to go ahead.

If any mechanic insists on doing anything less than this, you should visit another mechanic.

(If you are getting repairs done) “Will you be using manufacturer recommended parts?”

Many mechanics try to save money by using parts that are made by 3rd party manufacturers. This can be risky because they could be lower quality and thus less reliable, meaning you will have to get them replaced soon in the future. 

To make sure your mechanic is using the parts that are exactly right for your car then you must ask this question to ensure your car is in good hands.

Fun Fact: We always use manufacturer recommended parts!

“How often should I service my car?”

A little known fact is that 50% of cars in Australia that were produced after the year 2000 only require 1 service a year – if done correctly!

Most of the other cars on the road require one service every 6 months, that is why this question is so important to ask because it could mean you might save hundreds on servicing your car.

Inside your logbook, the manufacturer would have included the amount of time, and kilometers driven, before your require another service. If the mechanic you’re speaking with says anything that directly contradicts what it says in your logbook, they are likely trying to take your for a ride!