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Top 5 Fastest Production Cars in the World

Jun 06

There are a lot of high-speed production cars that are introduced in the market nowadays. Most of the time, the public isn’t even aware of how fast manufactured vehicles are.

Aside from the speed, car aficionados look for other specifications that work well with speed. This makes it important for manufacturers to upgrade all other features as they take the speed of cars to the next level. You can find excellent reviews of car parts and accessories at Saker Racing.

It’s amazing how production cars evolved from those with normal speeds around 160mph to those that can reach more than 200mph. Finding the car model that can top the list is not that difficult as some of the fastest only belong to the most popular brands.

In addition to their amazing speed, the cars that made it to the top of the list are also packed with impressive features that are sure to surprise you.

If you are someone who checks the latest production cars released into the market and wants to know which is the fastest, read on to find out the winner.

Top Production Cars with Amazing Speed Records

  1. 2017 Bugatti Chiron – 261 mph Buggati-Chiron

Reportedly costs $2.6 million that can still increase with the endless options for customisation, this expensive Bugatti Chiron tops the list of the fastest production cars.

It is now the fastest from Bugatti after their previous model Veyron. Aside from its speed, it also boasts its 1,500 horsepower W-16 engine with 8-litre capacity and is quad-turbocharged. Its speed is limited to 261mpg electronically.

  1. 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S  – 217 mph Buggati-Chiron

Lamborghini Aventador S was introduced to the public in 2011, but it still belongs to the list of fast production cars with a speed of 217 mph. For a US standard weight, it is 4,100 pounds, which is 20% lighter than its outgoing model.

It is an upgraded version of the old model having a total of 730 to 740 hp, 6.5-litre capacity, and V-12 engine. Taking the sprint to around 60mph, you’ll be surprised that it can only take 2.9 seconds to reach the speed.

It also features a steering system in 4-wheel drive with rears pointing the opposite direction of the front to slow down and goes the same direction to achieve high speeds.

  1. 2017 Ford GT – 216 mph

Having a name with flawless pedigree, this approximately $450,000 car has a 647 hp and a torque of 550 lb-ft having its twin-turbo V-6 Ganassi Racing developed the engine with 3.5-litre capacity.

It has active aerodynamics, which is responsible for its ability to generate 400 lbs downforce at around 150mph. The car also has an anti-lag system, which keeps its turbos spinning approximately 80,000 even in off-throttle.

When at full boost, it can go over 176,000 rpm. With all these impressive speed features it’s no wonder this car made our list

  1. 2018 McLaren 720S – 215mph

Though McLaren has so much to live up to, this 2018 McLaren 720S costs around $288,475 that can hit the speed of 212mph with its aerodynamic system. Also, its engine boasts a 4.0-litre capacity V-8, which is much larger than the outgoing model McLaren 650S.

This has an amazing 710 hp as well as 568 lbs-ft twists. The transmission system of 7-speed dual clutch makes gear changing 45% faster that proves it is much better than the outgoing model. It can easily reach 186mph in only 21.4 seconds. Overall, this car is simply amazing!

  1. 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast – 211mph

Though the name might seem like false advertising, Ferrari simply proves the name basically with the performance of the production car. The car is super fast as its name. With a 6.5-litre capacity V-12 engine with a 789hp and 530lbs-ft twist, Ferrari 812 is another fast production car to beat.

It has a dual-clutch gearbox that is deemed quicker than the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is already considered super fast. It can speed up from 0 to 60mph in as fast as 3 seconds, no wonder why it is included in the list.

Whether you are planning to buy a super-fast car or just wanting to know what makes up the top 5 list of the fastest production car in the world, you’ll only be left amazed with the features of every car in the list.

It’s astounding to know that manufacturers are continuously making vehicle reaching and breaking high-speed records. In the long run, more and more vehicles will be introduced in the market with impressive speed along with great features to ensure faster and smoother driving experience.

This list was researched and put together by Wembley Autocare – Expert Servicing by Expert Mechanics.