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Top 5 Hidden Day Trip Destinations Near Perth

Nov 12

Little known to the majority of Perth locals, there is a vast array of natural locations that are little more than 2 hours away from it’s CBD. Get your walking shoes on, it’s time to explore the Top 5 Hidden Day Trip Destinations Near Perth!

1. Wungong Regional Park

Regional Park, Bedfordale

Ranging from breathtaking views of our city, walking trails with dramatic slopes and inclines, gorges to explore, several waterways and many serene picnic areas to put your feet up, this location has something for everyone. The highlight of this park is the Gorge Walk spanning a distance of 15km. While the views are spectacular, the trail is not for the faint-hearted, the slopes are intense and the trail is rough so bring good shoes if you’re planning to conquer this walk. A true gem of Western Australia that is a must-see.  


2. Yanchep National Park

Trip Time From CBD: 40 min | Location: Yanchep National Park, Yanchep Beach Rd &, Indian Ocean Dr, Yanchep

This location is perfect for the family. The national park includes many picnic spots, a 240-meter koala boardwalk to full of many wonderful Australian animals, loads of wild Western Grey Kangaroos, over 400 caves to explore and the Tree Adventure which includes wobbling wooden bridges, tight ropes, cargo nets, zip lines and more for walkers to navigate through. An easy, yet adventurous day trip for the whole family.

Yanchep National Park

3. John Forrest National Park

Trip Time From CBD: 36 min | Location: John Forrest National Park, Park Rd, Hovea

Here at Wembley Autocare, our team rave about this location all the time. What keeps us going back is the spectacular wildlife, plant varieties and numerous walk trails. What we love the most however is the vast array of waterfalls that this park has on offer. Make sure to bring your bathers, the water looks so nice you’ll want a dip for sure! Another highlight is the abandoned railway tunnels that used to transport miners. After a day of exploring you can relax at the many picnic tables around the park right next to some friendly Kangaroos. If you’re looking for a beverage, the John Forrest Tavern is open right next to the picnic area and has a great selection on offer.


4. The Secret Garden

Trip Time From CBD: 16 min | Location: Secret Garden, 2 Careniup Ave, Gwelup

Hidden in the heart of Suburban Gwellup, visiting this garden feels like you have stepped into a wonderland. Posited on top of a vast system of wetlands, the small, yet majestic walk trail will leave you stunned. There are paths to find, bridges to cross and vine covered trees to discover. Careful in the wet months as the ground can get quite mushy, but a good pair of shoes should make exploring easy!  

the secret garden perth

5. Bells Rapids

Trip Time From CBD: 44 min | Location: Bells Rapids Park, Orlov Trail, Cathedral Ave, Brigadoon

Home of the Avon Decent, a yearly canoe race, the rapids are a true delight for anyone looking to get out of the house. Bells includes two unique walk trails, the 2.5km River walk and the 3km Goat walk, as well as Bells Falls spotted on the bottom right. The locations true gem is the walk bridge over the Swan River where the rapids lay, not ideal for swimming but ideal for exploring. Bring your walking shoes as the ground can be tough to walk on throughout the year.

bells rapids

We hope you’re one step closer to a wonderful day trip…Have fun exploring!