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Best West Leederville Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Feb 18

West Leederville is an example of great combination for suburb comforts and inner-city living. It is basically a suburb located 3 kilometres northwest to the capital business district of Perth in Western Australia. It is also located with the Town of Cambridge. Before the manufacturing of Mitchell Freeway passing through the suburb in 1972, it used to be included with Leederville.

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Location-wise Advantage

Since West Leederville is located close Perth CBD and about 13 minutes away from the Indian Ocean, it comes within the easy-communicating cycling and walking distance to most of the important shops and eatery centres of Leederville and Subiaco. If you want o get around in the city, it is quite easy as West Leederville is connected with the major bus routes, railway lines (Fremantle and Joodalup/Clarkson) and near to the Freeway. Therefore, it is considered as the Mecca for the professionals who are working in the Central Business District of Perth and Subiaco.


Southport Street of West Leederville is a small area that has been used as commercial centre with numerous warehouses. The location is close to the end of Graham Farmer Freeway and that’s why it takes the advantage of such proximity. Rest of the areas of this suburb is mostly medium-density residential places. One of the prime landmarks of this suburb is Subiaco Oval that is located south of West Leederville. It is the home of soccer in Western Australia. There are two major hospitals including St John of God Hospital located within 1 kilometers of the suburb.


Although the suburb is small enough in size, it has great amenity facilities. One of the major tourist attractions on the northern border is Lake Monger located in this area. It is popular for its rich birdlife and city views. Most of the original residences are still being renovated with the newly built-up double storey dwelling. In fact, the leafy streets of certain original dwelling properties offer the great views of the city. The newer subdivision ‘Hill of Tara’ is famous for its larger homes on bigger blocks that offer great views of Lake Monger.

West Leederville has a primary school and a high school. In fact, there is a ‘super’ school called Perth Modern for the gifted children.

Historical Constructions

West Leederville contains certain historically significant constructions including the Leederville Town Hall & Recreation Complex that is surrounded by Holyrood Street, Cambridge Street and Tower Street. It has immense significance in developing Leederville and its surrounding district since it was developed during the rapid expansion of this suburb even before the First World War.

At the back of the Leederville Town Hall, the Leederville Bowling Club was established in 1906 and still it continues to be used as both bowling club and social venue.

Another historical construction is the Fallen Soldier’s Memorial that was designed and built up under the supervision of Pietro Porcelli in 1924. Once there was the Leederville Croquet Club operated from 1908 to 2006. The West Leederville Residents Association started a community garden using the unused ground of the council situated next to the bowling club in 2007.

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