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Sep 30

When Will Driverless Cars Be Available in Australia? Everything you Need to Know

You finally finished work and now you need to go and get the shopping before the supermarket closes.  So off you go, probably driving a bit too fast and thinking about your plans for the evening ahead, and your head is somewhere else   instead of concentrating on the road.  Suddenly you lurch forward as you realize you have hit someone else’s car, or they have hit yours.

Could you have stopped that accident from happening?  The answer is that you might have been able to if you were paying attention.  Human error is no doubt the most frequent cause of traffic accidents, and with mobile phones, satellite navigation, entertainment systems and the ever-increasing number of cars, it isn’t likely to get better either.

The great news is, if technology continues in its present direction, then you can let your car do your focusing for you.  In fact, self-driving cars are no longer just a futuristic idea in a science fiction film and are now science fact.

Car designers have developed complex systems that allow automobiles to drive themselves, and there could even be one near your neighborhood at this very moment.

From decreasing congestion, the number of accidents and reducing emissions, the era of the driverless car has arrived, and that includes trials in various locations across Australia.

Although Wembley Autocare doesn’t have any self driving cars come into the workshop we do service cars in Perth.

How do driverless cars work?

In order to avoid collisions, adhere to traffic regulations and stay on the road, there are a few systems that need to work together to control a driverless in vehicle

A central computer takes all the data from various sensors and analyses it to control the braking, acceleration, and steering.  The position of nearby vehicles and objects are monitored by radar sensors that are strategically placed around the car.

Lidar sensors can scan out lane markings and the edge of the road by reflecting pulses of light off nearby surroundings with a laser beam.

Wheels have ultrasonic sensors that can detect the position of other vehicles and the side of the road when parking.

All of these sensors combined mean that a driverless car can essentially ‘see’ where it is going.

When will driverless cars be available in Australia?

Driverless technologies are incredibly advanced, and given the amount of money that is being spent on perfecting it, there is a widespread belief that between 2020 and 2030 fully automated cars will be the norm.

Sooner than that, in ten years or so there are some predictions that lanes on the freeways could be reserved for driverless cars only.  Five years from now on restricted routes there may be cars that allow you to relinquish control, so that you can do something else, like watching a movie or read a paper.

How soon this becomes a reality all depends on how fast the community and governments can weave their way through various bits of red tape, and the social and economic issues associated with driverless cars.

Google has been working on their own Google self driving car since 2009. The technology is only getting better and will definitely hit Australian roads in the future.

What will the impact be on businesses?

Insurance companies will be far less viable, as data indicates that cars that do not require drivers will drastically reduce the number of collisions on the roads.  This means that we will need to change the way we think about personal car insurance.

Car ownership will be a thing of the past and car manufacturers will suffer.  In addition, car repair shops certainly won’t be as busy, with fewer accidents there won’t be as many dents and scrapes to fix.  Perhaps instead, automated car repair businesses will be on the rise.

Companies that transport people will be seriously affected, meaning that the 21,000 taxi drivers currently serving Australia may eventually be out of a job.  Bus drivers will also be replaced by automated bus services.

There won’t be as many visits to the local hospital or emergency room, as every year thousands of people are injured in road traffic accidents, not to mention the fatalities.  This means that hospital staff can save on resources and precious time.

Automated cars will be a great advantage for the army or ground forces, because without the requirement of a driver, armored vehicles can be sent into places of danger without risking the lives of military personnel.

Breathalysers will become obsolete, as people will be able to consume alcohol and get in a cars without worrying about having to drive.  Although this will be great for road safety, as there won’t be any drink driving, this could unfortunately also trigger an increase in alcohol consumption.

Automated Car Safety

Autonomous vehicles in Australia could soon be implemented across all states.  Before this happens, however, the sensors that driverless cars use still need some work, as they are being outsmarted by kangaroos.  Large animal detection systems are currently being developed which are meant to ensure that cars don’t hit animals on the road, like deer, cattle or indeed, kangaroos.

It appears that when kangaroos hop in the air, the sensors think that it is further away than it actually is.  Driverless car manufacturers have advised that they are working on this problem and will have it fixed by the time commercial automated cars are available in 2020.

Even though there are obviously still some software and detection issues that need to be ironed out, self-driving cars will still be far safer than manually driven cars.  In fact, it could only be a matter of time before driving a human driving a car could be outlawed.

Driverless Trials

A two-year autonomous shuttle trial at Sydney Olympic Park started in August 2017, with the first part of the trial located on a closed off road.automatically driving

The vehicle has a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour but will only travel at around 10 during the trial.  The shuttle bus is strictly controlled and monitored and follows a pre-programmed track and is coordinated by a GPS system that helps the bus to remain accurate.  The idea behind the two-year test is to investigate how driverless technology could one day be used on roads across Australia.

Driverless cars in South Australia are already present via trials that are taking place at Adelaide Airport, where passengers can use electric powered automated shuttles to transport them from the terminal to the long-term car park.   Flinders University has also become part of the driverless revolution, as students can use an app to request a shuttle service around campus.  There will also be a limited trial of driverless cargo pods at the Tonsley Park research precinct.

Queensland is also preparing for connected and automated vehicles with an upcoming trial planned for 2019 where 500 Ipswich residents will be in a pilot that will allow their cars to communicate with each other via an infrastructure.  There will also be a smaller number of driverless vehicles that will be tested on private and public roads.


We probably won’t see automated cars on the streets of Perth anytime soon.

However, automated cars are an exciting and new technology but as with any new advancement, there are risks involved, especially in the earlier stages of design.

Driverless cars are an intriguing prospect but they still have a long way to go before they are fully regulated and safe to use.  The transition from driving your own car to giving up control and trusting a self-driving vehicle may also be quite challenging.

Regardless of any issues along the way, it does seem that autonomous vehicles are an essential next step in Australian transportation, and being chauffeured around is likely to be the way to get about in the future.

Jun 06

Top 5 Fastest Production Cars in the World

There are a lot of high-speed production cars that are introduced in the market nowadays. Most of the time, the public isn’t even aware of how fast manufactured vehicles are.

Aside from the speed, car aficionados look for other specifications that work well with speed. This makes it important for manufacturers to upgrade all other features as they take the speed of cars to the next level. You can find excellent reviews of car parts and accessories at Saker Racing.

It’s amazing how production cars evolved from those with normal speeds around 160mph to those that can reach more than 200mph. Finding the car model that can top the list is not that difficult as some of the fastest only belong to the most popular brands.

In addition to their amazing speed, the cars that made it to the top of the list are also packed with impressive features that are sure to surprise you.

If you are someone who checks the latest production cars released into the market and wants to know which is the fastest, read on to find out the winner.

Top Production Cars with Amazing Speed Records

  1. 2017 Bugatti Chiron – 261 mph Buggati-Chiron

Reportedly costs $2.6 million that can still increase with the endless options for customisation, this expensive Bugatti Chiron tops the list of the fastest production cars.

It is now the fastest from Bugatti after their previous model Veyron. Aside from its speed, it also boasts its 1,500 horsepower W-16 engine with 8-litre capacity and is quad-turbocharged. Its speed is limited to 261mpg electronically.

  1. 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S  – 217 mph Buggati-Chiron

Lamborghini Aventador S was introduced to the public in 2011, but it still belongs to the list of fast production cars with a speed of 217 mph. For a US standard weight, it is 4,100 pounds, which is 20% lighter than its outgoing model.

It is an upgraded version of the old model having a total of 730 to 740 hp, 6.5-litre capacity, and V-12 engine. Taking the sprint to around 60mph, you’ll be surprised that it can only take 2.9 seconds to reach the speed.

It also features a steering system in 4-wheel drive with rears pointing the opposite direction of the front to slow down and goes the same direction to achieve high speeds.

  1. 2017 Ford GT – 216 mph

Having a name with flawless pedigree, this approximately $450,000 car has a 647 hp and a torque of 550 lb-ft having its twin-turbo V-6 Ganassi Racing developed the engine with 3.5-litre capacity.

It has active aerodynamics, which is responsible for its ability to generate 400 lbs downforce at around 150mph. The car also has an anti-lag system, which keeps its turbos spinning approximately 80,000 even in off-throttle.

When at full boost, it can go over 176,000 rpm. With all these impressive speed features it’s no wonder this car made our list

  1. 2018 McLaren 720S – 215mph

Though McLaren has so much to live up to, this 2018 McLaren 720S costs around $288,475 that can hit the speed of 212mph with its aerodynamic system. Also, its engine boasts a 4.0-litre capacity V-8, which is much larger than the outgoing model McLaren 650S.

This has an amazing 710 hp as well as 568 lbs-ft twists. The transmission system of 7-speed dual clutch makes gear changing 45% faster that proves it is much better than the outgoing model. It can easily reach 186mph in only 21.4 seconds. Overall, this car is simply amazing!

  1. 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast – 211mph

Though the name might seem like false advertising, Ferrari simply proves the name basically with the performance of the production car. The car is super fast as its name. With a 6.5-litre capacity V-12 engine with a 789hp and 530lbs-ft twist, Ferrari 812 is another fast production car to beat.

It has a dual-clutch gearbox that is deemed quicker than the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is already considered super fast. It can speed up from 0 to 60mph in as fast as 3 seconds, no wonder why it is included in the list.

Whether you are planning to buy a super-fast car or just wanting to know what makes up the top 5 list of the fastest production car in the world, you’ll only be left amazed with the features of every car in the list.

It’s astounding to know that manufacturers are continuously making vehicle reaching and breaking high-speed records. In the long run, more and more vehicles will be introduced in the market with impressive speed along with great features to ensure faster and smoother driving experience.

This list was researched and put together by Wembley Autocare – Expert Servicing by Expert Mechanics.

May 04

Best Glendalough Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Six kilometers away from the central business district of Perth is where you’ll find Glendalough just along Mitchell Freeway. Glendalough was named after a glacial valley of the same name in Ireland. Visiting the suburb, there are a lot of attractions that are waiting for you to explore. All that it takes is for you to make a list of the places you want to visit first and make the most out of your stay in the area.

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What it’s Like to Stay or Live in Glendalough

Planning to move to Glendalough is not something you should worry about since getting a great place just around the area will make living in the suburb as convenient as you want it to. Picking a place to stay in the suburb, establishments are a few minutes-drive from one place to another. Transportation is not much of a problem, unless the train system encounter problems, which is less likely to happen daily.

If you like going for a quick break to somewhere you can relax, you can get a bus to a beach or drive for 10 minutes to get there especially when there is no traffic. Choosing the right area, there is a great chance you’ll get a great street parking if you want to move here and you’ll bring your car. However, living right at the city, taking public transportation is not much of a hassle.

Finding a school for your kids is not a problem as you can check Lake Monger primary or Montessori School perhaps. Churchlands is known to be the nearest high school in the suburb. Also, you’ll have no problems with health emergencies as there are hospitals nearby like King Edward Hospital, which will only take you a five-minute drive. There are also great parks around like Herdsman Lake Park and Lake Monger.

Though there are a lot of pros when you move in Glendalough, many who are new in the suburb feel like the place is a bit noisy. However, you’ll get used to it in the long run. Besides, you are located minutes away from shopping needs, recreational areas, and others.

Things to Do

Glendalough is pretty much an industrial suburb. Yes, it’s noisy but it is almost one-ride away from nearby suburbs like Mt Hawthorn and Wembley and of course, just a 5-minute drive when accessing the city. You can simply walk around the suburb and explore new areas as you go.

Places to Eat

Just like any suburbs, Glendalough has its fair share of restaurants that can offer various dishes. Some of the places you can visit are:

  • Glendalough Gourmet that is located in Glendalough Shopping Centre
  • Bakers Delight on Harborne St
  • Empire Pizzeria found in Glendalough Village Shopping Centre

Going around the suburb, you’ll get to know more places where you can eat and try new stuff. When you visit a restaurant, there are always nearby attractions you can visit like Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Western Australian Museum, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and a lot more.

Wembley Autocare has everything you need for a reliable vehicle service in Perth.

May 04

Best Floreat Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Just 8 kilometers west-northwest of Perth’s central business district is where you can find Floreat. Bordered on Durston Road, Cromarty Road, Selby Street and Underwood Avenue, the suburb is where you can find the library and municipal office of the Town of Cambridge. Floreat beach is also a very popular place to go for tourists. Floreat  is the Latin word derivation  for “prosper” or “flourish”. The suburb was already a part of the City of Perth back when it was built, which makes it a vital part of the city.

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What to Expect When Visiting Floreat Floreat Beach PerthFloreat Beach PerthFloreat Beach Perth

If you are planning to visit Floreat you don’t have to worry about feeling bored as there are a lot of facilities or establishments that you can visit. It is Floreat Beach Perthwhere you can find the Floreat Forum, which is a popular shopping centre in the suburb. Touring the centre, you are sure to feel overwhelmed of the different shops you can visit namely:

  • Lorna Jade
  • Best & Less
  • Katies
  • Sussan
  • Red Dot
  • Woolworths
  • Bakers Delight

These are just some of the shops that both locals and tourists visits. In addition, there are numerous cafés where you can stop by and rest after a day of touring around. Some of the popular cafes are:

  • Coffee Club
  • Delish
  • Scope Café

The centre is adjacent to the municipal offices as well as the library of the Town of Cambridge, which makes it convenient for both locals and tourists to go to any of the establishments anytime. It also boasts an upmarket tavern and a fine dining just to name a few of the other establishments you can visit.

Sporting Facilities

The suburb also boasts various sporting facilities with Perry Lakes Stadium as the most notable and most popular venue for any athletics event. However, the stadium was not given much attention through the years, which resulted to having the Western Australian Athletics Stadium as a replacement. The suburb is where you can also find the headquarters of the Rugby WA. If you have more time going around the suburb, don’t miss visiting the Bold Park Aquatic Centre, Floreat Oval, as well as other facilities for basketball, tennis, and lawn bowls.


The suburb doesn’t lack educational institutions as it has a public primary school and a catholic lower primary school. There is also a private training education facility in the area. It was a catchment area before of City Beach High School that is now closed. Today, students residing on the suburb’s south side go to Shenton College while those living north of Cambridge Street are attending Churchlands Senior High School.

Floreat Park Primary School has been the only public school in the suburb for decades now and is catering students with kindergarten to Year 6 education. On the other hand, Newman College is the Catholic multi-campus K-12 school that you can find on Peebles Road. Australian Institute of Management has its Perth campus in the suburb where students can get training as well as qualifications for management skills. It is located on Birkdale Street if you want to get a glimpse of the campus.

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May 03

Best Subiaco Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Subiaco, Perth is an inner suburb located in the west of the region of Perth in Western Australia. It is locally known by the fond name of Subi and is contained in the government area of the City of Subiaco. The city covers 7 km2 and was initially a municipality before being upgraded to a city in March of 1952. It has 4 wards and 5 suburbs. Subiaco is therefore a suburb of Subiaco City.

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Like most other areas of Australia, Subiaco was initially occupied by Australian aborigines; the Noongar people in particular. In 1851 the area was then settled by Benedictine monks from Italy, who named the place after its namesake back in Italy. Subiaco of Italy is the original birthplace of the Benedictine order.


These include the Domain Stadium, also known as the Subiaco Oval, the Regal Theater and Mueller Park. The Victorian terraces on Catherine Street and the Subiaco Hotel are also famous alongside the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Rokeby Road is the main street of the area. The street was named after Baron Rokeby (6th), Henry Montagu. Henry Montagu was a general and a commander of an infantry division in the Crimean War. Of importance as well is Hay Street.

There is a memorial in SUbiaco located at the intersection of the Rokeby and Hammersley roads. It is in the form of a clock tower and was built in 1923 in memory of World War 1 martyrs from the area.


There are a variety of residential areas in Subiaco, such as the older properties in Shenton Park. There is also a modern housing complex at the railway station.

Medical facilities include the children’s hospital, Princess Margaret, the King Edward Memorial, a hospital for women, and St. John of God.

Subiaco is home to the most selective school in Western Australi, the Perth Modern School as well as the local primary school.



Blackbox Brewers: Located on Hay Street, they make some very good coffee.

Baguette Me Not: Serves great Banh Mi throughout the week as well as pulled pork and Birdy Nom Nom.

Phoever: Great place for Vietnamese cuisine where you can have a great family dinner.


Six Senses: A fantastic Thai restaurant ranked among the best in greater Perth. You’ll love their selction of curries and the house coconut rice.

Lady of Ro: This restaurant specializes in the Greek cuisine and is quite exceptional. You’ll love their octopus and grilled Haloumi!


Juanitas: Juanitas is housed in an old converted home and is considered one of the best small bars in Perth. They serve a great array of beers and have wonderful house wine. You’ll feel at home in this fantastic joint.


Ricarda: This shop stocks jewellery, hand creams, and apparel, among others. It’s a bit of a high-end fashion store, so don’t go there unless you’re willing to splurge.

Frame: Frame is a boutique for women’s fashion and stocks local Australian brands like Sunday Somewhere, Zed Alliance and Chalice. Whatever you’re dressing for, they’ve got you sorted.

Wembley Autocare

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Apr 02

Best Daglish Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Daglish is suburb in Perth, Western Australia. The suburb is located near several bodies of water. In fact, Daglish is centered on the Cliff Sadlier Reserve.

It’s named after Henry Daglish who was once the mayor of Subiaco. He also represented Subiaco in the state parliament. In 1904 and 1905, he was given the title of Premier of Western Australia – a hefty honor.

Daglish is a historic yet modern suburb, with something to offer for prospective visitors and residents of all ages.

Being small one may not find too many attractions yet there are some attractions that the residents participate in.

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A Daglish mechanic is only an 8 minute drive to get your car serviced at Wembley Autocare.

Living in Daglish

If you are thinking about moving to Daglish, there are some important things you should know ahead of time. Daglish is known for being clean and green. There are plenty of places to eat, exercise, and access the internet. There are also known medical facilities for care and treatment.

The majority of residents in Daglish are professionals, retirees, and families with children – although singles also live in the area. The suburb is rated 9.1 out of 10 when it comes to residency, making it a fair place to start a family or join a community.

You can also take advantage of Perth-wide events, including an international arts festival, a Japan festival, and a French film festival. There are some unique beer taps to sample, and plenty of great eateries – including a handful of popular pizza parlours.

Other popular attractions near Daglish include the Scitech Discovery Centre, Harold Boas Gardens, the Nicholson Road Reserve, Patersons Stadium, and the Regal Theatre.

Places to stay in Daglish

Daglish has a population of 1,242 – according to the 2006 census. The community is strong and centered. There aren’t many available houses at any given time, meaning prospective residents may need to wait their turn. However, once men and women join the Daglish community, they rarely want to leave.

This census represents year-round residents. However, you can choose to stay in Daglish (and other areas in Perth) on a seasonal or holiday basis. There are homes and apartments available for rent. Some of these homes offer outdoor pools, landscaping, and an ideal location.

There are also rooms available for rent on a regular basis, if you want to stay in the region but aren’t prepared to purchase a home.

Here are a couple of options if you want to stay in Daglish:

  • Park View Apartments 2 perfectly located by KEMH – the price starts from $120.
  • Parkside Suites by KEMH 2 – the price starts from $110.

Things to Do

There are plenty of things to see and do in Perth – although you’ll be able to enjoy them far more as a resident than as a visitor. These events are spread throughout the year, including monthly family fun activities and auditions at a local theatre company known as The Gap.

Watching the sun set over Daglish is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If nothing else, you can come to the suburb, lay out a towel, and watch the sun go down. You can also enjoy the nearby Subiaco Arts Centre, Playlovers Theatre, and Shenton Park Community Centre.

Places to go   

Those interested in art may find a few interesting places to explore.

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia – the gallery opened in 1979. One can find West Australian, Australian and International works of art. The collection ranges over 17,000 and showcases important cultural creations of both traditional and modern days. It is generally free except during days of special exhibitions.
  • Form gallery – Visit this gallery to see exhibits that are different. The gallery is located in 357 Murray St Perth WA 6000. They have a website you can visit for more details. It is free.
  • Perth Institute Of Contemporary Arts – Those with an artistic bent of mind can visit the place. It is open to general public. A local guide will offer details of events and activities slated to happen there.
  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden – it is located just outside the Perth CBD. Spanning over 4.06 square kilometer it is the world’s largest inner city parks. It is also a botanical garden and one can find many species of plants and trees. There are some memorials and an Art gallery too. The DNA tower and the popular Jacob’s Ladder stairs are must-see attractions. Climb up the 15 ft tall and view Perth from the top. Interested in walking? Take a walk in the Law Walk bushland trail, the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk and participate in volunteer-led guided walks.

The park is a nice space to spend the weekend. Once in a while there are events and activities that will entertain.

Places to eat:

  • Weat Kebab – A Hay Street Food Hall that has a kebab counter. Lamb, chicken with salad and sauce might be the right thing if you are looking for some quick snacks. If you are hungry a quick meal for $10.90 might be your thing.
  • The French food lovers may queue up in front of Petite Mort. Try the degustation menu. There’s Death by Chocolate to sweep you off your feet.
  • The Little Pantry – Need some Belgian waffles? You will find buttermilk pancakes and truffled eggs. Order some coffee and seat outside soaking in the sun.


The location of Daglish makes it a primary spot for public transportation, including a railway station, buses, and the CircleRoute (a pair of bus routes with circular stops throughout Perth suburbs). Families and professionals find this transportation highly convenient for work, school, and play.

Mar 01

Best Jolimont Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Jolimont is located in Perth, Western Australia and is a short 12 minute drive to the city. There are a lot of beautiful areas in Jolimont worth checking out. Conveniently located next to Wembley so you can easily get your car serviced nearby.

Most of the land in Jolimont is taken up by residential housing, parks and sports grounds. The population in 2011 was 1,200 people and has steadily grown since.

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There is an excellent primary school located on Hay St which was established way back in 1905. More recently in 2014 it has become an independent government public school.

There is also a ‘school of rock’ where students can go to learn everything about playing musical instruments. It’s a great place to learn how to play in a band and meet like minded people.


The average individual income is around $726 and most families earn close to $1,000/week (source)


The main sporting landmark is the Perth Netball Association. They have winter and spring competitions, social leagues and school holiday clinics. You can also play or watch night games as the courts are well lit.  They host around 10,000 netball games per year for all skill levels.

There are a couple of great parks for the kids and family nearby the netball ground. These are Henderson Park and Mabel Talbot Park where Jolimont lake is located.


Sunny weather can be enjoyed in Jolimont throughout the year. Humidity level stays at 35%. Too much precipitation may not be observed.


For the shopaholics, amazing experience awaits at the Subi Square shopping Centre, Floreat and Shenton Park Shopping Centre. Most of the shopping locations are opened for you 7 days a week.

There isn’t a main shopping center but there is a Coles express on Jersey St if you need some groceries.


Tours can be arranged for wine tasting. One of the best places to have a sip of wine is Yarra Valley. Different kinds of cuisines can be tried here. It is possible to go with the Moroccan, Greek, Chinese, Thai and Indian dishes also.


Wembley Autocare – City Beach

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Feb 18

Best Leederville Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

Leederville is a part of Vincent in Perth which resides under the Western Australia. Being just six kilometers away from the central business district of Leederville, it has managed to offer good transportation. Some lovely Federation Houses can be found here. Due to these houses of the location, it has managed to achieve a trendy status. Name of the suburb has been taken from William Henry Leeder who has known in the history as the guarantee of adjacent area.

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Schools and Churches

Aranmore Catholic College is placed in the location. In addition, you may also find Schools of Isolated and Distance Education, Trinity Theological College, North Metropolitan TAFE and St. Mary’s Church.


In Leederville, the wind blows from the eastern side of the suburb at the speed of 14km/h. Temperature of the location is about 29°C. Humidity level stays under 37%.


According to the statistics, 2741 people stay here. The count has been taken on the year 2006.


One of the prominent buildings of the location can be found with the Town Centre at Leederville. The location has been utilized as a Flight Centre and Chocolateria San Churro. The building has been constructed in the year 1904. Post office at Leederville can be found at the corner of Vincent and Oxford Street. It has continued work till the year 1999. Present post office can be found behind this building.

Lakes and Beaches

Leederville is very close to the Kings Parks along with the main city. Therefore, site of best beaches can be obtained from here. It is possible to visit City Beach, Scarborough and Floreat. These beaches are about 8 kms away on the western side of the suburb.

Beautiful Lake Monger can be found at the centre of Leederville. Through a green surrounding, thirst for nature can be fulfilled. The location is often utilized as a picnic spot. On a Sunday, you may visit the place for a lazy stroll.  By lying on the grass, calmness of the location can be enjoyed. It may give you much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bird watching is certainly of the attractions of the location. However, you may see flock of birds in certain time of the year only. Several types of birds such as duck with pink ear, black swan and blue-billed duck can be observed from this location.

Things to do

There are a lot of things to do in Leederville. In addition to a visit to the Lake Monger, there is a J.B O’Reilly’s for amazing bacon liver dishes. Gastronomical experience can be ensured in the process. Cooking classes is often provided by Urban Provider. Some wonderful drinks and food can be enjoyed at the same time. Food Safari is often offered through a Rickshaw which can be a unique experience. On each location, visitors are welcomed pretty warmly.


San Churro Leederville has been considered as a landmark here due to its heart filled with the chocolate. The chocolateria must be visited. In addition, you can go to “Go Go Retro“to experience the retro world profusely.


Best places for shopping can be found with Leederville Camera and Raffinato Bridal.

Leederville Mechanic on YouTube

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Feb 18

Best West Leederville Mechanic Car Service Perth WA | Wembley Autocare

West Leederville is an example of great combination for suburb comforts and inner-city living. It is basically a suburb located 3 kilometres northwest to the capital business district of Perth in Western Australia. It is also located with the Town of Cambridge. Before the manufacturing of Mitchell Freeway passing through the suburb in 1972, it used to be included with Leederville.

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Location-wise Advantage

Since West Leederville is located close Perth CBD and about 13 minutes away from the Indian Ocean, it comes within the easy-communicating cycling and walking distance to most of the important shops and eatery centres of Leederville and Subiaco. If you want o get around in the city, it is quite easy as West Leederville is connected with the major bus routes, railway lines (Fremantle and Joodalup/Clarkson) and near to the Freeway. Therefore, it is considered as the Mecca for the professionals who are working in the Central Business District of Perth and Subiaco.


Southport Street of West Leederville is a small area that has been used as commercial centre with numerous warehouses. The location is close to the end of Graham Farmer Freeway and that’s why it takes the advantage of such proximity. Rest of the areas of this suburb is mostly medium-density residential places. One of the prime landmarks of this suburb is Subiaco Oval that is located south of West Leederville. It is the home of soccer in Western Australia. There are two major hospitals including St John of God Hospital located within 1 kilometers of the suburb.


Although the suburb is small enough in size, it has great amenity facilities. One of the major tourist attractions on the northern border is Lake Monger located in this area. It is popular for its rich birdlife and city views. Most of the original residences are still being renovated with the newly built-up double storey dwelling. In fact, the leafy streets of certain original dwelling properties offer the great views of the city. The newer subdivision ‘Hill of Tara’ is famous for its larger homes on bigger blocks that offer great views of Lake Monger.

West Leederville has a primary school and a high school. In fact, there is a ‘super’ school called Perth Modern for the gifted children.

Historical Constructions

West Leederville contains certain historically significant constructions including the Leederville Town Hall & Recreation Complex that is surrounded by Holyrood Street, Cambridge Street and Tower Street. It has immense significance in developing Leederville and its surrounding district since it was developed during the rapid expansion of this suburb even before the First World War.

At the back of the Leederville Town Hall, the Leederville Bowling Club was established in 1906 and still it continues to be used as both bowling club and social venue.

Another historical construction is the Fallen Soldier’s Memorial that was designed and built up under the supervision of Pietro Porcelli in 1924. Once there was the Leederville Croquet Club operated from 1908 to 2006. The West Leederville Residents Association started a community garden using the unused ground of the council situated next to the bowling club in 2007.

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Wembley Downs Mechanic Car Service Perth

Located about 10 km from the CBD, Wembley Downs is an inner northwestern suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Residents of the area used the name long before the authorities named it in 1959 and it was derived from the name of the local golf course. The name originally is that of a town in England. It is also the name of a suburb of Wembley, located several kilometers east of Wembley Downs.

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A Wembley Downs mechanic is not far away to get your car serviced at Wembley Autocare.

Wembley Downs History

Back in 1927 Wembley Downs was broken down into 90 lots. The thick bush and limestone outcrops made development difficult and hence it was slow. After several phases of blocked development it finally was ready in the 1970’s. What differentiates this city from the rest is its’ close-knit family structure and high income levels of it’s residents.


There’s a primary school and Hale School is a selective, private school for boys in Wembley Downs.

Sports and Recreation

Jollettes Gymnastics in Bussell Road is a great place to get a workout in.

Even though Wembley Downs is small there are some place that are good for getting exercise. You could try some of the local parks as there are plenty of options for a run or walk.

Make use of the Official Wembley Downs Soccer Club. There’s the Butler’s Reserve in the park area.

For personal training, there’s Happy Self Personal Training. Also Spiral Up Fitness.

If you have a wedding lined up and need the professional services of planner, ask Short and Sweet Weddings.


The main shopping center is called ‘The Downs’. Here you will find a local IGA, post office, bakery and liquor store. It is a popular little shopping center and provides residents all the shopping options they need to stock up their cupboards.

‘The Fish Shack’ is not too far away on Doric St and offers a great selection of fish and chips.

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